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Suave and The Mighty Mighty BlackStar Bangas at Vaso in New Orleans.
Combining elements of hip-hop, neo-soul, funk, jazz, and more, New Orleans' native soul singer, Suave, is in a genre of his own innovation. Suave’s intellectual lyrics laid smoothly over hard-hitting, but melodious beats give his original projects the genuine character often lacking in today's mainstream music. 

Raised in the uptown neighborhoods of New Orleans, La, there were ample opportunities for Suave to become another statistic of the city boasting the highest murder and violent crime rates in the country. Despite its harsh climate, it was Suave's love for his city and its unique musical heritage that made survival in the N.O. possible. Suave is quick to tell any- and everyone he meets, "If it weren't for music, I would have been gone. Music saved my life." It is that reverence for music that influences Suave to create real art with his talent. Shunning gimmicks, mimicry, and over-production, his music comes directly from the heart of a man who has beaten improbable odds and challenges his audience to do so as well.

Suave's latest EP, The Hip-Hop Soul Revival, produced in large by The Pro Prospek of Gorilla Publishing Co. and available on ReverbNation, is a perfect balance of those elements which make Suave who he is as an artist. By combining the storytelling of hip-hop, the melodiousness of neo- and classic soul, the passion of funk, and jazzy vocals, Suave has managed to create a musical niche all for himself; The Hip Hop Soul Revival islike all of Suave's original work, an eclectic blend of the music and experiences that have shaped his life and his art. And with songs such as Educated Black Woman and Don’t Sell Your Soul, Suave speaks directly to the generation of ambitious, purpose-driven individuals from which he hails. 

Suave's next project, The Feel Good Movement, will be recorded live in 2011. A testament to his musicality and stage presence, this nod to New Orleans' live music culture will see Suave on stage with drums, bass, keys, and horns supplied by many of the incredible NOLA musicians he gigs with on a regular basis. Preparations for the live show and recording are underway, and the date of the performance will be announced here on!

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